Ridge Walk LLC

Business Services

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The foundation of all good work and client trust is in the building, expansion or maintenance of a client's books. The devil is always in the details. Ridge Walk views bookkeeping functions as a priority, not a passive administrative function. Ridge Walk i) builds books from scratch for businesses and family offices looking to get organized ii) streamlines bookkeeping for businesses with some processes in place, but a desire to structurally improve or iii) works in-house on your existing books so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Business Management

With bookkeeping in good order Ridge Walk seamlessly collaborates with clients as a business and thought partner. Ridge Walk interfaces with your financial advisors, insurance providers, and legal and accounting professionals on the back end of your business or family office. The roll up of communications, timelines, and financial matters into a single point of organizational reference gives Ridge Walk clients more time and ability to focus on external matters without compromise to internal concerns and controls. 

Project Management

Ridge Walk draws from experience as a client representative on large-scale trading floor and professional office spaces design and construction in mid-town Manhattan. Problem solving skills, oversight and attention to detail keeps in mind a client's two-fold objective of being on time and on budget for the build out of a client's business or residence.

Estate Management

Ridge Walk manages the bill payments, insurance renewals, vehicle registrations and domestic staff payroll for your East End property. We provide local in-person oversight, prioritizing your privacy.